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How much do dentures & dental implants for dentures hurt?

How much do dentures & dental implants for dentures hurt?

I am going to have all my teeth removed, and have dentures and dental implants place in. ( ; )

My questions are, how much does this hurt? How long does it hurt? How long before you can eat “normal” foods? What can you do to lessen the pain? How long does it take for the dentures to feel normal in your mouth? How long before you can speak and laugh naturally? What kind of foods are you unable to eat anymore? What is the best product to keep your dentures in?

Any help would be tremendously appreciated!

Answer by Skeeter
I can certainly answer your question from experience. (see my avatar, that is my new smile)

From the links you provided are you getting mini’s? I do not have mini implants but traditional ones. I have teeth in a day everywhere they pulled my teeth, placed the implants and attached gorgeous teeth to my implants all in one surgery.

Though, I was not permitted to chew anything that took pressure. I was permitted to chew softer things like baked fish, pasta, conservational beans etc. But nothing that took any kind of chewing. I had to eat this way for 5 months. I was told this could interfer with the bonding process. Now I can eat anything anyone with natural teeth eat.

Another thing I cannot remove my teeth they are attached with screws to the implants. With implants it is very uncomfortable to have them out. So since your not getting just dentures you will have a different way to care for them as one would just dentures. With a removable denture you will be able to use the denture tablets to clean them. For me I just use toothpaste as anyone does. The advantage for implants is the teeth will stay in house and not flop around. Many with dentures result to having to use adhesives to glue them down.

You can write to me directly by clicking on my name. There are so many questions I can’t answer since I do not know if your getting mini’s or traditional implants

Answer by hotchixz_backz
i want to have dentures implant but i worry with the price… i am now now wearing dentures the one are removable,, not nice though.

Answer by Dr James
Always have your wisdom teeth and abscessed teeth removed by a specialist oral & Maxillofacial surgeon (who are both dentists and doctors). To find out about impacted teeth, prophylactic wisdom tooth surgery, general tooth extraction (including adjacent tooth shifts), types of anesthesia (oral sedation, IV sedation, local LA or general GA), stitches, complications, dry socket, lump lip or tongue, bone grafts, orthognathic surgery and dental implants in Australia, go to

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Answer by Heather N
Usually a mini dental implant is for dentures. Generally four or five small implants are made, anchors are added to the denture, and they snap in. Conventional implants are for one (usually at a time) tooth and it is permanently implanted. Mini implants are also permanent, but the denture is still removable.

Answer by dentalcare32
Mini dental implants are less costlier than conventional implants. Often in many jaw bone situations more facts are vital to bring better stability to dentures. Here the cost saving function gets defeated. Consult your dentist to evaluate your situation.

Answer by robertgougaloff
The main technical difference is the application bandwidth. Conventional implants can be used in a variety of ways: Single tooth replacements, multiple tooth replacements, denture fixation and stabilization and orthodontic anchorage. Mini and micro – implants, on the other hand, have only one limited application and that is to support a denture via a “snap-on” attachment. The chance of upgrading later on to another prosthesis, which requires a different attachement or interface does not exist with these. The success rates are somewhat lower with the micro and mini implants, but there is still very small data out there. Finally, they definately are less expensive than their conventional counterparts. I estimate if you want to maintain the option to upgrate to a flat prosthesis in the future, these implants would doubtless not be the ones to choose. If you have your heart set on the prosthesis these mini and micro implants allow than they are a excellent alternative.

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