Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cannabis and dental implant?

Cannabis and dental implant?

Hi, I don’t smoke cannabis everyday more like twice a year, but I just recently got a dental establish and was wondering if I smoke cannabis with stage two of the establish (which the female screw is inserted in my high jaw) how would it affect me?

I don’t smoke cannabis everyday just twice a year, so i was wondering If it would fail the establish?

Answer by Reina021
you’ll be fine cannabis is excellent for u!

Answer by Beetlejuice
If you’re aloud to drink from a straw then you’re alright to pull on a spliff, tube, cut.

Answer by wnc817

Answer by serene irene
I don’t know in this area dental implants, but I know when I got my wisdom tooth pulled the dentist was explicit that I didn’t smoke cigarettes since clotting issues with the open socket. You can get dry socket if there’s an open socket from the sucking, but like I said, I’m not traditional with dental implants.

You only smoke twice a year? I wish I had the balls to do some ish like that!

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First post:
best dental establish system

I was in a severe bike industrial accident: lost 2 teeth, chipped 4, and hurt bone in the gumline. I have had two bone graft surgeries and am looking to get 2 dental implants. My top teeth are misaligned from the industrial accident and I was wondering if Invisalign would be appropriate with having bone grafts and establish surgeries performed. Please Help!

Answer by Steven B
Orthodontic behavior must never be used on implants. Your other teeth can of course be went. Invisalign is not splendid for all orthodontic problems, so you must question your orthodontist what kind of machine is best for you.
Since you signal like you’re preparation orthodontic behavior, you must get the general practitioner on enter beforehand so that the implants can be placed in as close to an ultimate position as possible. IOW, the general practitioner and orthodontist must plot this work together–beforehand.

Steve Bornfeld, DDS

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